Karamel The Jam-Canadian Singing Sensation

Karamel is a registered nurse residing in Canada but her heart was yearning to utilize her vocal for the rhythm of music flows through her veins and she could no longer deny the call of her destiny.  Born in the picturesque seven miles of white sand beach parish - Westmoreland, Jamaica Camille Wilson aka Karamel... Continue Reading →


Rihanna Billion Dollar New Lover

While the world pondered who Rihanna was dating after her break-up with Drake, the pop-star was feasting on a lot of love from her new tall and handsome lover. Rihanna's love umbrella is open, and she is shining bright like a diamond with wealthy businessman, Hassan Jameel. For months the Barbadian beauty was probably humming... Continue Reading →

YouTuber Fatally Shot By Girlfriend In A Stunt

Pedro Ruiz was fatally shot by his 19-year-old pregnant girlfriend in a stunt he had allegedly planned to get more viewers. 22-year-old, Pedro Ruiz wanted to become famous and the price he paid for the fame was his life. Monday, June 6, 2017, in Halstad, Minnesota 19-year-old Monalisa Perez, and boyfriend Pedro Ruiz thought they would... Continue Reading →

Teenager Died To Save His Cousin

18-year-old, Jordan Blackwell, used his own body as a shield to protect his 15-year-old cousin Caleb Edwards from a gunman's bullets.   The clock had already made its strike past mid-night, young people were playing video games in a southern Mississippi home when an unwanted guest forced his way into the living room. The unwanted guest... Continue Reading →

Lee Boyd Malvo Life Sentences Tossed Out By US Judge

17-year-old Jamaican-born Lee Boyd Malvo was arrested in 2002 and dubbed one of the most notorious snipers in Virginia. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, but a federal judge yesterday overturned that sentence.   Lee Boyd Malvo was convicted of capital murder, which under Virginia law requires either a death sentence or life without parole. The death... Continue Reading →

Why Rihanna Is Wearing A Buju Banton T-Shirt

"Beg you something, please... Don't leave me stuck here in the streets... He said me have to work, work, work!" That is what Rihanna is doing with incarcerated dancehall artiste Buju Banton. Buju Banton is currently serving 10 years on cocaine distribution and conspiracy charges and slated to be released December 2018. The fashion icon,... Continue Reading →


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