Usain Bolt Final Race In Jamaica

Jamaica, the land of wood, water and speed saw the legend Usain Bolt demonstrated his speed on home soil for the final time last night at the National Stadium in Kingston. Jamaicans love for the man dubbed "Lighting Bolt" goes beyond his talent. His personality, undying love, and respect for his country have allowed Usain... Continue Reading →


Captain Horace Burrell Is Dead

Captain Horace Burrell, the president of Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) died this afternoon.   Horace Burrell was a captain in the Jamaica Defence Force. He elevated to become a prominent figure with the military team before being elected to the JFF presidency in 1994. Burrell also held several positions in the Caribbean Football Union and... Continue Reading →

Usain Bolt Auction His Shoes For Charity

Usain Bolt, the track legend that has given so much to sports and his country has shown that his generosity knows no limitations when it comes to helping the less fortunate. Bolt's shoes in which he won the gold medal and broke the 100-metre world record at the 2009 Berlin World Championships will soon be... Continue Reading →

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