I-Octane Claims Daughter With DJ Amber

Five years ago, DJ Amber had to play the role of a mother and father for her daughter; because I-Octane said he was not the father. A tale that a lot of women are accustomed to, but for DJ Amber, who is a public figure, it was worse. The sad situation was played out on... Continue Reading →


DJ Munga Honourable Charged With Murder

DJ Munga Honourable the "Mi bad from mi born," dancehall artiste has been charged with murder. Last week Monday evening Munga Honourable accompanied by his attorney turned himself in at the Hunts Bay Police Station for questioning about the murder of Cleveland Smith. Cleveland Smith was killed at a dance in the community. It is... Continue Reading →

Why Rihanna Is Wearing A Buju Banton T-Shirt

"Beg you something, please... Don't leave me stuck here in the streets... He said me have to work, work, work!" That is what Rihanna is doing with incarcerated dancehall artiste Buju Banton. Buju Banton is currently serving 10 years on cocaine distribution and conspiracy charges and slated to be released December 2018. The fashion icon,... Continue Reading →


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