Fibroids And Women Diet

Fibroids, the cause behind some of the most embarrassing moments of a woman’s life that includes period mess in public and excruciating cramps. 

Researchers have disclosed that fibroids affect one in every five women.

Some women will have fibroids and they display no symptoms while for other women it can be a living nightmare.

Fibroids are actually tumors that develop in a woman’s uterus. They grow either on the uterus wall or in the uterus cavity.

Listen, calm down! No need to get all worked up because I used the word “tumor.” Just give me a chance to explain myself some more.

Now, as I was saying before while fibroids are classified as tumors they are benign (in other words they are noncancerous).

Whew! I know, I just relief the burden of worry from your mind, didn’t I?

A hormonal imbalance between your estrogen and progesterone level is responsible for the growth of fibroids.

Fibroids are among the number one reason that most women have the surgical procedure hysterectomy.

Alarmingly, fibroids are affecting more black women when compared to other races with the tumor. Researchers have attributed this fact to diet, mental health (stress), and physical activity. The ratio for uterine fibroids in black women is said to be up to three times more.

If the fibroids are allowed to grow more than 15 cm the woman tummy becomes enlarge to the point she looks as if she is expecting a baby. The enlarged tummy is accompanied with huge blood clots and heavy bleeding.

Fibroid Symptoms

  • The first major symptom that is an indicator that fibroid might be forming or has formed in a woman’s uterus is extremely heavy periods.
  • Some women have a very irregular mensural cycle because fibroids contribute to low iron count. Along with an irregular cycle, a woman with low iron count will experience a fainting feeling. She might actually faint during or before her period.
  • Women might also have the need to make frequent visit to the bathroom to release their bladder even when they did not drink a lot of liquid.
  • Your abdomen might become enlarge or you might experience uncomfortable fullness.
  • Women with fibroids might discover that when they are having sexual intercourse it becomes very painful.
  • Fibroids can cause reproductive problems which include infertility, miscarriages, and early labour.

In May of 2012, “Today’s Dietitian” published an article indicating that diet particularly of black women contributes to the high cases of uterine fibroids.

It is my belief that we should always opt for prevention rather than cure. Take the time to invest in your health it will always be your greatest wealth.

With that said it is time to look at some food groups that might be able to assist in alleviating the discomfort of fibroids.

Fruits and Vegetables

Doctors and healthy-eaters have been singing praises about ensuring our daily diet contain fruits and vegetables.

When you are seeking an inflammation-disease-fighting food group let your vegetables be your first choice.

You will discover that the fiber content in your vegetables helps to protect your intestine and also aid in weight control.

Yes, yes controlling your body weight is vital to good health. Ladies, excess body weight and inflammation both contribute to the development of fibroids.

If you do not believe me that inflammation and excess weight can contribute to the growth of fibroids, then, you might believe the “Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition article that was published in 2013”  In the article published by the “Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition” researchers stated that females with excess body weight risk of fibroids growth increased compared to those who had lower body mass index. Likewise, the researchers also disclosed that women who consumed more fruits and vegetable risk of developing fibroids were lowered.

High estrogen levels have been linked to the growth of fibroids that is why women who have entered menopausal years are less likely to have fibroids. Estrogen level decrease during menopause. A high estrogen level contributes to hormonal imbalance or artificial hormones and either of those ailments can result in the growth of fibroids.

In fact, the excess estrogen that is in your body will feed on fibroids.

Why not knock out two birds with one stone by changing your diet? Rid your body of the excess estrogen and shrink your fibroids.

By eating more saturated fats and foods groups with higher concentration of fiber daily will aid to eliminate the excess estrogen that is in your body.

Dairy Products

The best types of dairy products to consume are those that contain low-fat properties. Three low-fat dairy products are cottage cheese, yogurt, and soy milk.

You might also opt to intake lactose-free milk like almond milk. You will find that almond milk is equally invigorated as other milk product.

Oh, you are asking why you need to consume these types of dairy products and avoid fatty cheeses as well as other high-fat products?

To answer your question in a nut-shell any food group that is described as “high-fat products” should be avoided for good health reasons. High-fat foods should be avoided especially by women with fibroids because excess fat helps to contribute to the growth of the tumor.

Nevertheless, women with fibroid still need dairy products to help combat the tumors. The protective properties that can be found in low-fat dairy products such as calcium have the ability to inhibit the cells that tend to develop into fibroids assist with destroying them.

Flaxseed And Soy Products

A diet rich in omega-3 and fiber is especially beneficial for women. Omega-3 is vital for assisting the vagina to keep healthy. Adding flaxseed to your meals will provide you with some of the fiber and omega-3 you need to help in your fight against tumors and inflammation.

Both flaxseed and soy products contain phytoestrogens. If you are looking for something to block estrogen receptors that are located on the cells of fibroids, then, you need to ensure you are consuming soy products and flaxseed.  By blocking the receptors on the fibroid cells you will also be reducing the growth of the tumors and lowering the symptoms associated with the fibroids.

Unprocessed Foods (Grains)

Whole grain foods are healthier than refined starchy foods. For example, baked products made from whole grain products are better for your health than those made with refined or white flour.

Refined starchy foods will increase the production of insulin in the body. Insulin has a strong influence in the way the body metabolizes estrogen that might also escalate the symptoms of fibroids.

Whole grain products are good sources of fiber, antioxidants, and protein that can assist in women’s protection against fibroids and improve the uterine health overall.

Beans And Lentils

Another healthy high source of fiber that also has minimal impact on your blood sugar level is beans and lentils.

Beans and lentils are plant-based healthy nutritious food items that contain protein among their list of properties. They will prove to be a wonderful alternative to fatty-meast that tend to increase your risk of inflammation as well as obesity.

If you want to eat your way to a healthier you and control your weight, then, you need to opt to incorporate more beans as well as lentils into your daily diet.

Detox Your Body

Detoxing your body is also a part of good healthy habits. There are different toxins in the body that the liver needs a healthy boost to remove them.

Among those toxins that need to be removed from the body is excess estrogen. When the excess estrogen is not detoxed from the body it will continue to circulate in the body and release its adverse effects on your health.

Additionally, detoxing the body assist with the fibroids shrinking process.

A few of the best detoxifying products are beetroots/beets, turmeric, artichoke, both the dandelion leaf and its root.

The symptoms of fibroids such as the pain will literally make a woman feel like she is going to die. It is sometimes more painful than giving birth. Along with the pain comes with the heavy flow of blood that sanitary pads cannot contain. A woman who has fibroids most of the time has to endure the embarrassment of having her period make a mess of her clothing and anywhere she sits.

Operations and pills can provide only a temporary solution to fibroids because doctors have not discovered why they will grow back after they are removed.

Make a total transformation in your eating habits to help to protect and reduce your risk of uterine fibroids. Do not risk your chance of becoming a mother or ruin your uterine and sex life. It is cheaper to protect and preserve your health than it is to spend to find cure for ailments.

Written by Stacey Fowler

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