Beetroots – Men Stamina & Cancer

To be asked to give the name of a colourful-flavorsome super-vegetable it would definitely have to be beetroot. Beetroots are nutrient-packed and an all-year-round vegetable.

To be honest beetroots taste is not one that will get non-vegetable lovers jumping hoops. However, if they knew the many benefits of consuming beetroots they would be asking what taste problem?


So, let me kick off my information-packed post by telling you that the “Journal of Food Science” in April 2009 reported that beetroots no matter how you decide to prepare them when it comes to cooking will maintain most of their health benefits.

Reduce Cholesterol

This is an age-old problem that affects people from different walks of life who have not hopped onto the healthy lifestyle train. You owe it to yourself to ensure you always protect your body against heart disease, stroke, obesity, and heart attack. High cholesterol levels can cause any of the aforementioned illnesses to affect your health.

Start consuming your beetroots to assist you to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Let’s Watch Our Body Weight

Beetroots are high in fibre and low in calories that mean fewer hunger spells for you. Even the leaves of the beetroot are nutrient-packed because they have antioxidants that assist with weight loss.

Beetroot leaves or beet greens have the ability to resist damage to your cells while aiding in fat reduction. Beet greens contain protein, vitamin K, and calcium too.

Attack Your Cancer Cells Before They Attack You

Cancer is one of the deadliest enemies to humans when it comes to sicknesses. It attacks all age groups in various ways. Sometimes it attacks without any warming with little time to save the individual it is attacking life.

Of course, it is true that people who do eat healthily and exercise still end up having cancer.

But isn’t it better to know you put up a good fight, than, to just give in without a fight?

The rich red colour that beetroot has comes from a pigment known as betamin.

Betamin contains numerous health benefits and one of those benefits is its cancer-fighting ability.

According to researchers from Howard University, when they conducted the test with the betamin obtained from beetroots on cancer cells of the prostate and breast they discovered that it decreased the growth rate of cancer cells.

Another piece of great news is that scientists have revealed that when beetroot is compared to other anticancer medications the vegetable produces fewer toxins inside the liver.  It even helps the liver to remove toxins from the body. Beetroots are one of the best liver vegetables because of its rich source of iron, zinc, copper, and vitamin B properties.

Get Your Blood Pressure Under Control

High on the list of dangers to our health is high blood pressure.

The shocking revelation from the “World Health Organization” in May 2012 is that approximately 50% of deaths from stroke and heart disease have high blood pressure as the main cause of illness.

I want you to join me in my life challenge of eating beetroots to ensure that we do not increase the statistics of who are suffering from hypertension. Drink your beetroots juice to reduce or prevent high blood pressure. Beetroot will also assist your body to use oxygen when running or walking.

Improve Your Sexual Health While Adding More Stamina To Your Body

A lot of men secretly complain about not having enough stamina and they drink a lot of so-called energy drinks to boost their body. What they really need is to start drinking their beetroot juice frequently to give them a real energy boost.

Beetroots enhance stamina by making the muscles of the body more energy-efficient.  It aids in reducing the usage of adenosine triphosphate which is the main source of energy for the body. Thus, allowing the energy level of the body to increase.

The nitrates property of beetroots helps with improving the flow of blood in the body, cell signaling, and hormones.

Beetroots contain a large amount of the mineral boron which is linked to the production of sex hormones. Tryptophan is said to contribute to our happiness and is also one of the properties of beetroots.

Men and women too, well, more the men, if you want to perform longer during any activity; then, start having your beetroot juice frequently.

So, if you have the stamina, you are producing sex hormones, and you are happy wouldn’t that keep your mood going?

Fight Anemia

Anemia affects a lot of females especially if they are suffering from fibroids. Some women have an irregular menstrual cycle because of a low iron count and when they do have their period they suffer from fainting spells. Beetroots are iron-packed vegetables.

Beetroots need to become the best friend of females that each female must have a very regular love-bite relationship with the vegetable.

Yes, there are a variety of beetroots and every one of them is full of nutrients that will be of great benefit to your health. You have the golden beets, white beets, as well as the more renowned red beets. Beetroots are more popularly referred to as beets or blood turnips.

Beetroots can even help your mental and emotional health since they are an excellent source of folate. The folic acid in beetroots makes it a good supplement for expectant mothers.

Beetroots can help to regulate your blood sugar level, fight inflammation, assist with your digestion, aids in the prevention of cataract, improve your skin tone, and help to promote healthier teeth and bones.

To be honest it would take me forever to list all the health benefits that beetroots contain. I can only scratch the surface of benefits of our super-vegetable.


Hey, what taste got to do with living a healthier and happy life? Pack those beetroots and ensure you have your regular intake of the nutrient-packed super-vegetable.

Our new motto is “Let’s eat our beets and have root in better health!”

Written by Stacey Fowler



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