Kiprich Supporting Females

A remarkable journey of a young poet from Waterhouse, Jamaica.  Marlon Plunkett,”Leggo Di Bwoi” aka Kiprich or Kipoo has taken his place on the musical success chart.

Marlon Plunkett is from one of the communities that are crowded with individuals who are perceived by some to be the lower class in Jamaica’s society. However, Marlon has demonstrated to the world that it is not where you are from that matters but how hard you work and how big are your dreams.

In 1999, while still attending Ardenne High School, Marlon first entered the musical realm with his song “Leggo Di Bwoi”  (a collaboration with Deejay Chino) which captured the attention of Dancehall fans. Many also thought of him, back then, as only a sidekick of Dancehall artiste Elephant Man.

Kiprich astonished his critics and lived up to the title of his 2005 studio album “Outta Road” for his lyrical potency is solid proof that his critics were very wrong in their assumptions about him. Kiprich stepped out on his own and has since created a musical niche in the Dancehall arena for himself.

When high tech cellular phones penetrated the telecommunication market in Jamaica in 2005, many relationships came under pressure because females were searching their partner’s phone.

Telephone Ting” was penned by Kiprich to capture the issues that were creating havoc in relationships. His song became an instant hit because many individuals could relate to the words penned by Kiprich and it was a favorite ringtone for cellular phone users.

Kiprich’s 2005 album was only the foundation to his success because his second album in 2008 gave him international recognition.

Drama King” was the title of Kiprich’s 2008 debut album that was produced by “Pony Canyon Label in Japan.” His second album propelled his career and assisted him to become one of Dancehall fans in Japan favorite artiste. That opened the door to many international performances for Kiprich, especially in Japan.

Over the years Kiprich has steadily climbed his way on music charts and expanded his fan-base to become a successful Dancehall artiste. Therefore, by 2010, it was no surprise when Kiprich was enlisted among the nominees for “Male Deejay of the Year and Collaboration of the Year” by  “Jamaica’s 2010 Excellence in Music and Entertainment Award.

In 2012, Kiprich decided it was time to display his critical thinking skills and the true level of his lyrical wittiness. Thus, he stepped on the stage of Sting’s Clash Night to take the crown of the new Dancehall clash Gorgon. His critics were present. They all pondered on his ability to take on such a feat.

By then Kiprich was known for penning songs that were lined with drama and humor, but did he have what it takes to produce a lyrical slaughter?

Eager clash fans anticipation brewed that night. Excitement filled the venue as Kiprich lyrically lit the place and after a few minutes his lyrics were blazing Dancehall artiste Tony Matterhorn’s clash career to a dramatic end.

Kiprich astonished his critics and even fans that night with his witty lyrical comebacks and was crowned the “New Clash King of Sting.” He revived clash night at Sting in 2012. Something Dancehall fans thought was not possible since the rising of the former Sting Clash Gorgon, Dancehall artiste Ninja Man.

Social media of all types and communication channels; feeds, status updates, phone calls, and text messages were all flooded with information about Sting 2012 Clash Night. They all had one word in common – Kiprich.

Many even thought Kiprirch was the only worthy opponent to smash Ninja Man’s unbeatable clash record. Dancehall fans started counting down the days and months for the next Sting Clash Night. No one wanted to miss another scintillating performance by the new clash king, Kiprich.

Dancehall fans wait was over for Kiprich was ready to take down any of the big names in the Dancehall fraternity at 2013 Sting Clash Night. That night ended in a big surprise for patrons.

The person that Kiprich had least expected to face him on stage appeared. For the first few minutes Kiprich was leading the lyrical war, but shockingly, Black Ryno took over and Kiprich was dethroned that night.

Kiprich gracefully accepted his defeat and being a great competitor he even congratulated Black Ryno on stage for winning the clash.

In 2014, Kiprich returned like any great king would do to dethroned Black Ryno and took back his title as Sting Clash King.

Kiprich presence after that night was temporarily dormant in the Jamaican market for he started focusing on his international market more. However, when the home is where the heart is, one will always find some way to get back home.

Kiprich released a number of singles from 2013. However, probably reflecting on the success waves that his collaborations brought him in the past and wanting to explore something he had started in 2008, Kiprich returned to the Jamaican airwaves with some collaborations.

“Hear The Pree,” Kiprich touched the musical highway with a collaboration with Dancehall artiste Danielle D.I. in 2014. Of course, Danielle D. I. needed not to worry because Kiprich had experience when it came to collaborations with females.


Kiprich first showed his versatility to work with female artistes when he collaborated with veteran female Deejay Junie Platinum in 2008 with their song “Forty and Over.”


Also, in 2011, Kiprich showed that he could balance working with various females artistes; because at the peak of his career, Kiprich was able to”Blow” some musical love in Lisa Hype’s direction with their collaboration in 2011.


It was all about the “Happy Life” collaboration with DHQ Nickiesha in 2017. It is one of Kiprich’s biggest international hits for 2017.


Kiprich went two the hard way when he also teamed up with Badgal Cecile for a song entitled “Come Back Tomorrow” in 2017.


Kiprich said;…ever fit… mi no work affa timer…” so for those who were not looking for another female collaboration from him anytime soon, he gave them a big surprise at the beginning of this year.

If you asked Kiprich how he felt about the happy life he would tell you “Mi Like It” because that is the name of the collaboration he did with new Jam-Canadian singing sensation Karamel on January 2, 2018. That song has started a surge of new international success for both Karamel and Kiprich because GView TV in Canada interviewed Karamel on Friday, January 19, 2018. GView TV has a reputation for interviewing artistes that normally hit the musical mainstream with massive success. Artistes GView TV interviewed in the past are Rihanna, I-Octane, Savage just to name a few acts.


For years Dancehall female artistes have complained about not being treated fairly in the industry. Now Kiprich’s recent collaborations have left some hope for female Dancehall artistes.

With Kiprich’s unyielding support of different female Dancehall artistes the question is now being raised by many music fans. Could Kiprich be the one Dancehall fans have been searching for who will help to create a level musical field for female Dancehall artistes?


Written by Stacey Fowler


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