Karamel The Jam-Canadian Singing Sensation

Karamel is a registered nurse residing in Canada but her heart was yearning to utilize her vocal for the rhythm of music flows through her veins and she could no longer deny the call of her destiny. 

Born in the picturesque seven miles of white sand beach parish – Westmoreland, Jamaica Camille Wilson aka Karamel spent most of her teenage years in the little district of Darliston.

At the age of 13, Karamel started her career as a model at the “Nabolangie Modeling Agency” which is owned by Patricia Longmore. Kitanya, the daughter of Patricia Longmore, trained Karamel to model and this assisted her to walk away with the crown at the “Miss Darliston” competition at the age of 14 and “Miss Maud Mcleod” competition at the age of 15.

Karamel wins in those competitions just motivated her to enter other modeling competitions and so she won “Miss GoldenEye” during the same year that she won “Miss Maud Mcleod.”

Then it was time to move onto bigger catwalks because Karamel entered “Miss Westmoreland” at the age of 15 where she was placed second in that competition. Winning “Miss Westmoreland” qualified Karamel to enter “Miss Jamaica World Cornwall” – she placed second in that competition too.

Nevertheless, Karamel was qualified to enter “Miss Jamaica World” but could not finish her modeling journey to the big stage because she migrated to Canada at the age of 17.

Karamel just picked up where she left off in Jamaica with her modeling career by becoming a model for “Styles International Agency” in Toronto while pursuing her nursing degree.

Every step on a different catwalk, Karamel’s talent piece was exercising her vocal with original songs penned by her. This ignited her passion for singing every time.

Before migrating to Canada Karamel wanted to pursue her dream to become a singer, but the only way for that to become a reality was for her to make several trips to Kingston. Her mother could not afford the cost to make those trips to Kingston and so Karamel had to put her dream of becoming a professional singer on hold.

Thou Karamel’s dream of becoming a professional singer was placed on hold, she never stopped composing songs. Something she started doing from the age of 11.

During Karamel’s high school years in Jamaica, she met and became good friends with veteran songwriter and singer Richie Stephens niece, Alicia.

Alicia was so impressed with Karamel’s vocal that she gave her Richie Stephens telephone number. Karamel did call Richie Stephens and he told her he would call her back.

Sometime after Karamel met Cecil who is the owner of “Super Love Sound.” Cecil took her to the studio practically every Saturday.

Well, years passed with Karamel residing in Canada she eventually retired her catwalk heels to walk in her nursing shoes but destiny was not finished with her using her innate gift of singing.

So two years ago when Karamel posted a picture of herself on her Facebook page, destiny allowed the eyes of Richie Stephens to see her post. Richie asked Karamel to be one of his actresses in his music video for his song “Get Off The Phone” and she accepted the offer.

Karamel also used that opportunity to remind Richie Stephens who she was and that commenced the mentoring relationship between her and Richie.

Unfortunately, Karamel had to pause her musical journey when her aunt passed away which was heartrending for her.

In 2016, dancing to the beat of destiny Karamel flew to Kingston, Jamaica to work with Richie Stephens. It was during that time Richie taught her how to sing on beats.

There were no intentions to throw in the towel this time around. Thus, Karamel asked Richie Stephens to find an artiste for her to do a collaboration with and veteran dancehall artiste “See It Clear” Kiprich was chosen.

Karamel said; “Kiprich is the perfect choice as his vocal matches with mine. Kiprich willingly accepted the offer to do the collaboration but he had no idea what he was truly getting into until when he landed in Toronto, Canada.”

Karamel meant business this time around so she ensured she had her beats ready and the shooting of the video was also done while Kiprich was in Toronto.

Beats for Karamel single “Mi Like It” was composed by the legendary Beres Hummond drummer Kirkkle Dove and engineered by Wacko (Freddie Mcgregor’s engineer). To seal the deal, just as how destiny planned it; Karamel’s song was produced by Richie Stephens at his “Pot of Gold Studio” and she was the first artiste to record in the studio since it was reopened. Richie Stephens recently won four awards from ASCAP in America and England for his contribution to Rihanna and Drake’s song “Work, Work”

Karamel’s favorite genres of music are Reggae and R&B. She currently manages herself and can be contacted at talktocamille@gmail.com for booking information.

To connect with Karamel on social media she can be found on Instagram as therealkaramel and on Facebook as Camille Wilson(Karamel).

In five years Karamel hopes to become a renowned artiste but for now, she will continue to balance her time working as an emergency and cardiology nurse while building her musical career.

Below you can watch the video for “Mi Like It” with Karamel featuring Kiprich.



Written by Stacey Fowler





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