Westmoreland Wanted Man Captured In Cayman Island

Westmoreland man on the parish’s ten most wanted men list was nabbed by Cayman Island’s Police on Friday.

Acting on information, the Cayman Island immigration officials entered a region known as Windsor Park of the country where illegal individuals were residing.

An operation that was initiated by the Cayman Island immigration, customs and law enforcers resulted in a drug bust in the Windsor Park region.

A search of the Windsor Park area by the joint task force resulted in the discovery of several packages of marijuana in various locations.

O’Brian Ellis, otherwise known as ‘Joe Grine’ was nabbed during the operation. A further probe by the joint task force revealed that Ellis is wanted by the Westmoreland police and is listed among the parish’s ten most wanted men.

O’Brian Ellis was arrested on suspicion of illegal landing and possession of marijuana.

Superintendent Lanford Salmon, who is head of the Westmoreland police, has since confirmed that O’Brian Ellis is wanted in the parish for the murder of his brother and also for arson.

According to Superintendent Salmon, communication is ongoing with their counterparts in Cayman regarding plans to deport Ellis.



Written by Stacey Fowler


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