23-Year-Old Man Killed His 83-Year-Old Grandfather

The body of 83-year-old James Morgan was removed from a sewage pit yesterday morning while his 23-year-old grandson was taken into custody on Monday night after he reportedly called his mother and confessed that he had killed his grandfather but did not know how it happened.

A tragedy that neighbours and relatives of James Morgan could never have fathom occurred in Mitchell Town, Clarendon.

The accused is described as a young man who is very nice, loves children, never did anything wrong, and he loved his grandfather dearly.

Michelle Morgan, an aunt of the 23-year-old young man said: “A him stay here with his grandfather and prepare his lunch and breakfast in the day when I am at work, and when I come home I prepare his dinner. Any little thing him want a him grandson. I don’t know what kind of nightmare this is. This is the devil unleashed, but I know God is still in control and we will come through this storm.”

“Everybody shock about what happened, and Maas James was really a nice person. You never heard him quarrel yet with anybody. When I was coming in the taxi, the driver say to me ‘the whole community shut down, everybody shock, nobody don’t know what to do or where to go,” said Daphne Ewers who is said to be a church sister and family friend.

Additionally, the relatives reported that following the death of his grandfather, the 23-year-old young man tried to kill himself twice by attempting to slash his wrist with a knife and jumping into the sewage pit.

According to reports, the young man in question killed his grandfather after he heard voices inside his head telling him to harm the senior citizen.

Michelle Morgan stated her nephew told her, “Him just say him go inna the room and go hug up papa, and it’s like him hear a voice say a dis a di man weh waa hurt you, so him say him haffi hurt him before him hurt him,”

Several family members have expressed the same sentiments that a head injury that the young man received in last year summer along with his use of marijuana might have contributed to his mental illness. According to family members,  after the head injury the young man has been having mood swings; frequently speaks about people trying to harm him, and would also isolate himself for days.

Michelle said she was deeply concerned about her nephew’s mental health and even asked his mother to go and check on him. However, he would pretend that all is well with him whenever his mother went to visit.

Despite her concerns, Michelle never thought that things would escalate to this point. She said: “Honestly, mi did believe say him need help, but mi never think it would reach this point because him coward, coward. If breeze blow too hard him run guh lock up inside.”

According to family members, they were told by the police that the young man is under a suicide watch and is only allowed to wear his underpants. Due to fears that he might use his clothing to hang himself.

The police’s Corporate Communications Unit in their official report of the incident said that 83-year-old James Morgan was strangled and thrown into the pit about 10:00 pm and his grandson, whose identity has not yet been released, is believed to be of unsound mind.

Jacqueline Harris, who is another aunt of the young man in custody said her nephew looked as if he is not aware of what had happened and kept crying while he was in custody.

Jacqueline said;“When I went to the station to look for him and asked him what happened he just said, ‘Aunty, pray for me. Mi love you’, and mi just hold my head and scream.”

Written by Stacey Fowler


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