Man On Hanover Most Wanted List Killed

Sadan Mullings aka “Saddam” a Hanover resident wanted for approximately 20 murders died in a shootout with police.

Sadan “Saddam” Mullings criminal activities were not only in the parish of Hanover because according to reports from law enforcers he was also accused of tossing grenades at lawmen On March 23, 2017, when they went to a house in Alexandria, St Ann to arrest Sadan along with some of his cronies.

Nickoy Treleven one of Sadan’s cronies was killed in the incident in Alexandria, St. Ann; however, Sadan was able to escape from the lawmen.

Sadan Mullings, is from Elgin Town in Hanover.

Investigators have revealed that Sadan was wanted for the drive-by killing of four people on March 18, 2017, at a cookshop in Bath, Westmoreland, and several other murders mainly in western parishes.

A gun battle that started in the district of Petersfield, Westmoreland on July 22, 2017, ended in the district of White House, Westmoreland.

According to police sources, Sadan engaged law enforcers in a shootout Saturday morning in the community of Petersfield, but he was able to elude the law men.

A few minutes later he was spotted in the community of White House. The lawmen were notified of Sadam whereabouts; they quickly reacted and a second fierce gun battle transpired. At the end of the gun battle 26-year-old Sadan “Saddam” Mullings was killed, a member of the law enforcement team had a bullet lodged in the front of his ballistic vest and one of the police cars was shot up.

Law enforcers seized an Uzi sub machine gun and a Glock pistol from Sadan.

A high-ranking law enforcer described Sadan “Saddam” Mullings as: “This is a vicious and dog-hearted criminal.”


Written by Stacey Fowler


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