I-Octane Claims Daughter With DJ Amber

Five years ago, DJ Amber had to play the role of a mother and father for her daughter; because I-Octane said he was not the father.

A tale that a lot of women are accustomed to, but for DJ Amber, who is a public figure, it was worse. The sad situation was played out on social media after the DJ revealed that she was with child and I-Octane was the father.

Shockingly, back then, in 2011, I-Octane denied being the father of DJ Amber’s child. The saga was discussed on various platforms and Amber voice her hurt over the situation.

The Jamaican singjay, I-Octane refuted Amber’s claim that he was the father of her baby more than once.

Another shockwave was posted on Instagram the day before Father’s Day by I-Octane with the following caption:

When your babies are champions Maliha Muir/ Ashiek Muir.

When your babies are champions๐Ÿค— Maliha Muir/ Ashiek Muir

A post shared by I-Octane [Hot Ras] (@realioctane) on

โ€œI am satisfied with the outcome, and we have cleared up the paternity issues. He had said I was trying to tarnish his name, but it turned out that I was the one who got tarnished unfairly. He recently confirmed to the public that he is the father, and we are in a good place because he agreed to a settlement that I am satisfied with,โ€ said DJ Amber

At the end of the day, we are elated that I-Octane and DJ Amber have reached an amicable agreement and their beautiful little princess has both parents in her life now.

Written by Stacey Fowler



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