Lady Cooke Wife Of Sir Howard Cooke Died Yesterday

Two years and eleven months after the death of her husband, Sir Howard Cooke, Lady Cooke took her rest from this world.

It was at the Andrews Memorial Hospital that former Governor General Sir Howard Cooke died on July 11, 2014, at the age of 98. His wife, Lady Cooke died yesterday at the age of 100 also at the Andrews Memorial Hospital.

We have all affectionately referred to her as Lady Cooke; however, Ivy Sylvia Lucille Tai was born on June 27, 1916. She wed Howard Cooke on July 22, 1939. Their union produced three children; namely, Justice Howard Fitz-Arthur Cooke, Richard Washington McDermott Cooke, and Audrey Faith Cooke.

Sir Howard Cooke was sworn in as the fourth Governor General of Jamaica on August 1, 1991. Lady Cooke served with her husband at King’s House from August 1, 1991, when he was sworn in until 2006 when he retired from public service.

Late yesterday evening tributes started pouring out from different heads of the state.

Jamaica’s present Governor General Sir Patrick Allen expressed his sadness at the passing of Lady Cooke:

“Her love for and work among children distinguished her as a major contributor in the field of child development. Her role in national development through education, culture and agricultural initiatives will forever be an important part of the King’s House legacy.”

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, also extended his  “sincere condolence” to the family and loved ones of Lady Cooke in a press release:

“Lady Cooke served the nation well. She was passionate about education, child development, and guidance counselling.”

Mr. Holness sympathetic words to the family and loved ones of Lady Cooke; “During this difficult time, I pray they will be comforted by the wonderful memories they shared with her.”


Written by Stacey Fowler



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