Rankin Pumpkin Claims Racism And Death Threats Resulted In Her Losing

After the lyrical slaughter of Rankin Pumpkin by Suspense on Magnum Kings and Queens on Saturday night; Rankin is blaming racism and death threats for her poor performance.

It was quite astonishing when Rankin Pumpkin took to her Facebook fan page to make allegations that the racist slurs from judge Skatta Burrell fuel negativity towards her which resulted in widespread racism and death threats.

According to Rankin Pumpkin, she allowed Suspense to win because the racism and death threats affected her and she wanted to quit on numerous occasions.

After the crowning of Suspense, judge Skatta Burrell did invite Rankin Pumpkin to the stage where he publicly embraced the artiste as well as commended her for the great job she did and thanked her for supporting our culture.

Among those shocked by the outcry of Rankin Pumpkin are the producers of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. 

The executive producer of Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, Mark Kennedy had the following to share about the unfortunate comment of Rankin Pumpkin:

“The banter with her and Skatta Burrell happened organically and made for great television. However, nothing was done without being discussed. It was explained that this was being done in good humour, and no offence or disrespect was meant. She played into it, even appearing as a samurai warrior on one episode, and never said she was offended. The cultural difference also played a part as someone from the audience may have used the word “kill,” but in this context, it would not mean literally, but rather lyrically on stage, which she may have misunderstood.”

“I am disappointed that she would even take that line. She was in the competition for over 14 weeks and never once did she come to me or any of the other producers on the show to say that she was having this experience. All the contestants were treated the same with respect to travel, stipends, and accommodation, and we never had any word on this from her or her team. So I am a little slow in believing all this took place.”

Therefore, since the behaviour of judge Skatta Burrell towards Rankin Pumpkin was staged for good television purposes and she was notified of such; many are left to wonder if Rankin Pumpkin is a sore loser why she wrote the following on her social media fan page:

“At one point racist comment from the same judge saying that this Japanese lady if she went to the final he will quit the job. Some time when I am singing he push finger in his ears, some time turned his back on me even though the audience jump up and enjoy my song. He also publicly said he wish, I drop off from the competition.”

“But I continue to push on until I reach the final. But the racist comment that he push generate some energy on the some of the local population also on the street.
I was surprise because Japan is one of the biggest supporter of Reggae Music in the world since 1979 when Bob Marley introduce to us. Most of Reggae concert that held in Japan such as Japan Splash etc. They are all Jamaican artists and entertainers. We don`t understand what they are singing because we speak fluent Japanese, they sing in patowa broken English. We don`t understand but we still enjoy their music when they performing with a lot of happiness and love. We open our heart and give love to all Jamaican artists and entertainers.”

”So I was shocked of what I received in the Jamaican competition. Fortunately, I reached at final at the competition. Many many comments on the street saying Japanese people trying to win the competition. Get the money and take away Jamaican money, take away Jamaican music. At the final event, some people come and talking at my ears many racist comment threatening kill me if I win. Talk about murder in patowa language. Many intimidation.”

“So I decide not to perform. But my producer keep saying I should perform. So I protest in my mind I not gonna do it. When I went up to the stage, for the clash that why I did not contest the clash. If you look on Youtube see my facial impression that something was wrong.”

In her lengthy post on her fan page, Rankin Pumpkin did state her gratitude to the producers of Magnum Kings and Queens for the chance to be in the competition along with judges Miss Kitty, Professor Nuts and guest judge Bounty Killer for their good comment about her performances.

Below is the video of the clash between Rankin Pumpkin and Suspense:

Written by Stacey Fowler


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