A Man From The Golden Age Home To Appear In Court For Fighting

It might be a case of a “Prince Charming” defending a damsel in distress why Delroy McKenzie admittedly used a piece of board to hit his room-mate at the Golden Age Home in Kingston.

The Golden Age Home, which is situated in the parish of Kingston is an institution that is used as a home for elderly citizens as well as some disabled individuals.

One of the Golden Age Home’s residents named Delroy McKenzie appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, and he pleaded guilty to using a piece of board to hit his room-mate.

The complainant, was present in court clutching a paddle Walker, and with his left hand in a cast.

Reports are that on May 17, 2017, Delroy McKenzie used the piece of board to hit the complainant several places on his body and he had to used his hands to block some of the blows from his body.

Also, according to the complainant when he returned from the hospital his compact disc player was destroyed.

While Delroy McKenzie admitted that he had indeed hit his room-mate; he pleaded not guilty to malicious destruction of property.

When Chief Parish Judge, Judith Pusey asked McKenzie “Why you hit him?” he responded with the following explanation:

“Seven of us were sleeping in one room. The rain was falling; I saw him dragging a lady into the room. The woman was begging him to stop. Him say me cannot tell him nothing. I use the board to hit him.”

After hearing McKenzie’s explanation, Judge Pusey enquired if the female of whom he spoke would be willing to come to court to attest to his account of the incident.

McKenzie said: “I don’t know,” stating that the woman has mental challenges.

Delroy McKenzie was then advised by Judge Pusey that if the woman can speak on his behalf, he could be acquitted of the charges.

The trial date was then set for June 9, 2017.


Written by Stacey Fowler






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