91 Brazilian Prisoners Escaped Through A Tunnel

Law enforcers have recaptured eight of the 91 prisoners that escaped from a jail in the northeastern section of Brazil on Thursday.

Overcrowding is a major problem in the prisons in Brazil with 589 detainees being hosted in a facility designed for 382, according to the reports from the Brazilian local judiciary services.

The Brazilian overcrowded and unmaintained prisons, especially in the northern region resultedย in an aberrant scourge of violence from the onset of this year.

According to police reports, the 91 inmates fled early Thursday morning using a 30-meter (100-foot) tunnel from a prison in the northeastern Brazil area.

Piles of clothing at the exit of the tunnel that the prisoners used as their route to escape were found, which have led to the belief that the inmates have changed their prison uniforms and are now attire in civilian outfits. Law enforcers believe that the prisoners might be in pursuit of getaway cars.

Even though 8 of the inmates have been captured the police are still searching for the other 82 prisoners who remains at-large.


Written by Stacey Fowler




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