Why Twitter Thinks Kanye West Hacked Amber Rose Account

Amber Rose confirmed Wednesday night on Instagram that her account was hacked, but from the looks of things, she might agree with her hacker that Tyga‘s music is trash.

On Wednesday night #AmberRose hashtag started trending on Twitter over two tweets that were meant to diss Tyga and throw jabs at Beyonce.

One tweet read; “Dear @Tyga ever since you left @BLACCHYNA your music has been ??? it’s always been trash just more than usual. #muva.”

While another said: “Hey @Beyoncé I got a secret. I am Becky With the Short Hair. #iaintsorry #muvalemonade.”

Twitter land accused Kanye West of hacking Amber Rose account and also burglarizing her home.

While those two incidents did happen to Amber Rose this week, Kanye West certainly had nothing to do with it, but tweet, tweet land tweets thought he was the guilty party.

Amber Rose, her son, her mother, and her bodyguards were all in the home sleeping when a man broke inside and spent four hours there before anyone noticed that the house was burglarized. No one was hurt and the suspect fled the scene when he realized that folks were home.

The tweets were hilarious.

Fortunately, for Kanye West, he had deleted his account so he has no idea what folks are saying.

One person tweeted: “You mean to tell me that Kanye West both had time to hack Amber Rose Twitter and burglarized her home in one day, ya’ll wild for this.”

Amber Rose has tightened up security around her and she also changed all her passwords.

Kanye West; however, is up on a mountain in Wyoming with no internet recording some new music for his upcoming album.

Written by Stacey Fowler


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