Ninja Man Speaks About His Addiction To Cocaine

Ninja Man said; “It was a serious problem in our days, and it eat out people brain.”

Ninja Man the original clash-father of dancehall speaks openly about his addiction to cocaine.

Ninja Man in sharing his struggle with the drug said; “I spent 10 years smoking cocaine, and I saw what it was doing to people so I stopped. It wasn’t because of no stress in the music business. It was just the thing to do at the time, and I am a mad man so mi just do it. It was holding back my career and some artiste used to lead me. From mi stop smoke cocaine, I was able to take my rightful place in the music industry.”

Desmond Ballentine dubbed himself Ninja Man, threw out all skeletons as he spoke not only about his addiction, but naming other artistes such as the legendary Gregory Isaacs, Banana Man, Baby Wayne who were also hooked on cocaine during the 80s and 90s.

“Nuff artiste weh yuh hear seh dead from pneumonia, a cocaine kill dem. It is something that is addictive, and it was made to destroy the black man,” according to Ninja Man.

Recently George Nooks the renowned Gospel-Reggae artiste was arrested in Kingston for cocaine possession which has triggered the old debate about artiste been hooked on the white substance (cocaine).

In the light of that incident, Ninja has decided to show his support to George Nooks while expressing his disappointment at the same time. “I am disappointed and mi vex, but mi nah go kill him because him a flesh and bones,” said Ninja Man.

Ninja Man said while he endured a decade-long struggle with cocaine he is now clean and free from his addiction.

Written by Stacey Fowler


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