Ninja Man Needs Emergency Heart Surgery

Veteran Dancehall artiste Ninja Man was diagnosed with a serious heart problem on Tuesday that requires emergency heart surgery.   Desmond Ballentine more popularly known as Ninja Man is one of the veterans in the dancehall fraternity. Ninja Man is currently on trial along with his son, Janeil Ballentine, and a man known as Dennis Clayton... Continue Reading →


Skeleton Remains Of A Male Found In Westmoreland

Workmen found the skeleton remains of what appears to a male behind the bus park in Savanna-la-mar Westmoreland. It is reported that the skeleton might be that of a former patient from the  Savanna-la-Mar Public General Hospital, as documents from the medical facility were discovered in the area where the remains were discovered. The gruesome discovery... Continue Reading →

Westmoreland Farmer Killed In Dispute

55-year-old John Bartley of Harry Hill, Amity, Westmoreland was watching a cricket match at an establishment in his community when a neighbour accused him of fencing the path that he used to walk. The suspect that shot and killed 55-year-old John Bartley is said to be from the parish of St. James and recently moved into... Continue Reading →

Dexta 3D Pottinger Found Dead

A neighbour heard the internationally renowned fashion designer, Dexta 3D Pottinger, screaming for help at approximately 4:30 on Wednesday, morning. Cries for "help" and "murder" echoed from the St. Andrew, two-story Yarico dwelling of Pottinger, around 4:30 Wednesday morning, and sometime later, a car drove away from the designer's house. One neighbour reportedly said she did... Continue Reading →

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